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It has come to my attention that Canada Revenue Agency has a recent concern regarding possible internet security vulnerability. As a result, CRA has temporarily shut down public access to their online services to safeguard the integrity of the information they hold. Such services include online services like EFILE, NETFILE, My Account, My Business Account and Represent a Client.

Canada Revenue Agency recognizes the impact of this matter, and are working on restoring on-line services it as soon as possible.

Daily updates regarding this outage can be viewed on the CRA home page, or on my web site –


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  1. UPDATE on CRA service outage …

    CRA has indicated that they have worked vigorously to ‘patch’ or solve the potential personal security vulnerability matter which they were made aware of last week. As of sometime on Sunday Apr 13th, their various E-services have now been restored and available for access.
    “I would like to reiterate that interest and penalties will not be applied to individual taxpayers filing their 2013 tax returns after April 30, 2014 for a period equal to the length of the service interruption. This means individual tax returns for 2013 filed by May 5 will not incur interest or penalties,” said the Minister of Revenue, Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay.
    For more details, visit the Canada Revenue Agency web site.

  2. Regarding the internet security vulnerability announced last week, the Government of Canada’s lead security agency has stated that there appears to have been a malicious breach of taxpayer data which occurred during a six hour period. SIN of approximately 900 people were removed from CRA systems due to the exploitation. CRA is continuing to analyze other fragments of data to determine what other information has been compromised.

    In the meantime, CRA has indicated that there are support measured put in place for those affected by this breach. They strongly indicate that any calls or e-mails to you regarding this matter are not legitimate.
    Each applicable person will receive a registered letter to inform them of the breach. A dedicated 1-800 number has also been set up to provide them with further information, including what steps to take to protect the integrity of their SIN.
    The CRA will also provide those who have been affected with access to credit protection services at no cost, and will apply additional protections to their CRA accounts to prevent any unauthorized activity.

    For more details and updates, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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