Many people, particularly business owners, feel the effects of burn-out. Life happens, and periodically feeling ‘stretched thin’ is normal. However, this overdrive being a constant in your life only means the risk of failure or ‘dropping the ball’, and ultimately unhappiness. I’m sure you have heard more than once about the notion of needing life balance. If you are not achieving it, there are some things to consider.

#1: Life balance does not necessarily mean equal time for work/family and leisure. Everyone’s life and task thresholds are different. The key is to accomplish your own boundaries and schedule so that you do not reach burn-out.

#2: Being busy or taking on more does not equal success. Taking regular time to recharge helps to keep your body and mind focused and happy, which results in success. This means taking your lunch break away from the desk, sticking to work hours, leaving work at work, and taking vacation days. More importantly, understand that taking on an extra task or event does not mean you are considered more important or successful.

#3: Social and personal events should be kept at the same level as work commitments (Eg: picnic, celebration party, exercise routine, vacation days, home renovation projects, etc). Stick to these plans, and avoid work related thoughts or habits that will distract you (Eg: checking e-mails, calls, or phone messages). These non-work related commitments are just as important to your happiness and being accomplished.

#4: It is okay to say no. Especially if it means risk to your existing obligations, your own time, or your health. Prioritize and delegate when things become busy. You are not going to be any good to anyone if you are overwhelmingly unfocused or become ill because of burn out.

It may take time and perseverance to achieve, but it is possible to find that balance that works for you. Please like and share these messages with others, and don’t be shy to comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Good advice for all. We are retired but still have time-consuming commitments. Planning our relaxation is necessary. Have a nice day!

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