On-line access

Today’s society is driven more and more toward a paperless world, from e-mails, social media, shopping, banking, receipt of bill, bill payments, and even event registrations. Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency is no different.

As you may know, CRA is setting up individuals with on-line access for their personal and business accounts. There are many things you can have access to, view, and manage from your access account.

For individual personal tax matters, you are able to have easy access to you balances owing, benefit payments, RRSP limits, Notice of Assessment, prior personal Tax Returns, direct deposit details, and set up for e-mail notifications … just to list a few.

For business accounts, this would include some of the above but also access to details regarding your Corporate tax, GST and payroll accounts.

Not only is this easier than trying to contact CRA over the phone, you are able to set up representatives for your account also, such as your bookkeeper, accountant, or Income Tax preparer who you authorize to deal with certain matters on your behalf – see RC59. By filling out a RC59, you are able to delegate who you authorize to represent you with CRA matters, what you are authorizing, and level of authorization you are allowing. Your on-line access account allows you to easily change this.

If you do not already have a CRA on-line access account, it is still recommended that you self-register through the CRA web ‘My Account’ or ‘My Business Account’. Once you are registered with your account, be sure to review your account and make any necessary changes. Particularly with the RC59 authorization, ensure that representative details and any applicable expiration dates are still valid.


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