Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions

Established in 2006, our office is currently located in a convenient year-round public office in Tyndall, Manitoba. Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions is a proud member of Beausejour and District Chamber of Commerce. See the contact page for more details.

Our commitment is providing professional, efficient, reliable and secure services with a smile. In a nutshell, we are here for you. Whether it’s filing your required personal Income Tax Return, or keeping track of your business financials, the services we provide are essential.

Our services are different for each client and for each circumstance. Your request could be small, big, temporary or ongoing. We take the time to review everything with you, relay advice, and work with you to make the process as accurate and efficient as possible.

Service fees depend on request and individual situation. Generally the fees are reflective of the work and time required to complete the service. We are able to give clients a much better idea of the anticipated costs involved when a scheduled appointment is made to discuss the details of the request.

A big part of Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions is their commitment to personal privacy policies. You can be assured that anything that is discussed or encountered during any meeting or through performing services will be kept confidential. We also have an outlined file maintenance policy.

Katherine MacFarlane/Owner

As a Business Accountancy graduate in 1993, I have enjoyed gaining experience while being employed in the accounting field in some way ever since. In 2006 my family and I had the opportunity to relocate to the Brokenhead area of Manitoba. With the guidance of Community Futures Winnipeg River, I welcomed the opportunity to become an accomplished entrepreneur and developed a detailed business plan. It has been extremely fulfilling to be a positive part of my community’s growth, and I look forward to continuing that for many years to come.

I am a proud mother of three, and an honored recipient of the Community Futures Winnipeg River Self-employment Award. If you are wondering, as so many do, how I do what I do on a daily basis … it’s my passion!

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