A company’s success revolves around accurate financial records. It is essential that whoever maintains your business records is experienced and properly trained.

At Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions, you are much more than just another number. We take the time to review questions and details with you, and keep you informed in order to ensure the most efficient and accurate services. You can also rest assured in knowing that we take our privacy policies seriously. See our ABOUT page for more details on Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions.

Service fees depend on request and individual situation. Generally the fees are reflective of the work and time required to complete the service. We are able to give clients a much better idea of the anticipated costs involved when they schedule an appointment to discuss the details of their request.

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  1. I have gone to Katherine with my personal income tax needs for years. She puts the customer first and always helps me get the return I should due to her in-depth knowledge of what I can claim.

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