Small Business Bookkeeping

The upkeep and accuracy of business financials is the core of your business. Although it doesn’t necessarily affect your profits, it is an essential process that allows an accurate picture of your business and will lead you to success in many ways.

At Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions, we recommend business financials to be recorded on a computerized accounting system. Here we have many years of experience and prefer to use QuickBooks.

We are here for you like a business partner who wants you to succeed. No matter how small or big the request, our services are customized to suit your needs. Keeping clients informed and providing ongoing advice allows for an accurate and more cost efficient record keeping process.


  • Computerized record keeping, customized specifically for your business
  • Account reviews and reconciliations
  • Full Payroll services, including remittances, WCB, ROE’s, and T4’s
  • Assistance with GST and PST remittances
  • And more!

It is essential that the person taking care of your financials is reliable, properly trained, and experienced. For those of you who prefer to tackle this important task yourself, I strongly recommend updated bookkeeping education, and training with the QuickBooks accounting program.

Call us to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help you!


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